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In 2014 Susanna celebrated 10 years as a recording artist, with ten albums released- all of them highly acclaimed. The new technology and digitalized way of listening to music is exciting but also challenging both in the sense of new ways of listening, and how to get paid for making, playing and recording music. Susanna has decided to look back at her releases and also look back at the way she was listening to music when she grew up, though cassettes. SusannaSonata is releasing a Best Of-series with three cassettes, Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three. 

The Norwegian noiseartist and cassette-enthusiast Lasse Marhaug has designed the cover for the cassettes, which comes in beautiful black cardboard with white silkprint wrapping. The cassettes are numbered and signed by the artist. There are only 200 of each cassette.

Also, SusannaSonata is releasing 'Meshes of Voice' on double vinyl with beautiful artwork by Arne Bendik Sjur and graphic designer Johanna Blom, like the CD. Place your order and make sure you get one of the first 100 which will be numbered and signed by the artists. Expected to be finished in the summer 2015. 

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The concert Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' is cancelled. For all of you who has the chance, come to Malmö instead. Concert at 19th of February at 19:30. 


So happy about the Norwegian Grammy in Open Category for the Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' album!! Thank you for all your support. We are considering to do a vinyl!

Jenny Hval & Susanna will play 'Meshes of Voice' at Kongsberg Jazz Festival in July. That is the only festival in Norway confirmed for the summer. 


The album Jenny Hval & Susanna 'Meshes of Voice' is nominated for Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) in Open Category. 


Jenny Hval & Susanna will perform their highly acclaimed 'Meshes of Voice' at CTM Festival in Berlin in January 2015.


Jenny Hval & Susanna has received rave reviews for the album 'Meshes of Voice', and also played some concerts during the fall. More concerts will be announced soon- and in the meantime, you can enjoy this wonderful video made by Guri Dahl. 


Susanna's label SusannaSonata has just released the collaboration album between Jenny Hval and her 'Meshes of Voice', and they will be playing at Ultima Festival in Oslo 12th of September and at UNSOUND Festival in Krakow 14th of October.