Susanna won the prestiges EDVARD-award in Open Category as a composer of music and lyrics for her album ‘Triangle’ released in 2016.

The jury statement:

“For many listeners, the first meeting with Susanna Wallumrød was through her characteristic interpretations of famous songs at the beginning of the millennium. Since then, Wallumrød has impressed her audience again and again. And not only as a singer and artist. Wallumrød is a world class composer and lyricist, with music that transcends expectations and genres. It is simultaneously playful and serious. Whether she is making new versions of old work, setting music to poems by Gunvor Hofmo or writing both music and lyrics herself, Susanna has an unmistakable sense of identity in everything she does. You may call it integrity. We believe that integrity is part of the reason why she also has the ability to attract an audience from very different fields, be it jazz, contemporary music or pop.

The album Triangle was released in 2016. With no less than 22 tracks, she takes us on a journey through a highly original and complex musical universe. The lyrics dig deep into what it means to be a wondering person. She has written all tracks on the album herself, demonstrating herself as a solid and mature composer and lyricist. She moves easily from the catchy simplicity of pop music to the complex surprises of the experimental scene. Triangle was released to critical acclaim both internationally and here in Norway. Earlier this year, the album secured her a Spellemann award. She has also impressed the jury of the EDVARD award. We congratulate Susanna on a striking album, and look forward to seeing the further development of an already brilliant career.”