I haven’t updated this page in a long time. The COVID-19 situation has been rough with it’s cancellations and lock downs across Norway. To play concerts abroad is put on hold for now. All my concerts in 2021 was cancelled one by one. I had my hopes up every time, but hope didn’t help when it came to local lockdowns and the overall COVID-19 situation.

Finally in April – I could travel and play the first concert this year, Baudelaire & Piano at Soddjazz in Trønderlag here in Norway. And short after, I travelled some more and played with the Tribute to Joni Mitchell band in Stavanger and Hamar. That was such a huge kick! Now I am really hoping that the few planned concerts this summer actually will happen. And I soon have some news for things to come, so stay tuned. Thank you for the support, stay safe and take care!