Baudelaire & Piano – Susanna (CD/VINYL/MC)

SusannaSonata SONATA055/CD055/LP055/MC055 2020
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Critic’s Choice  Her vocal performance is striking.” 

4/5 Financial Times

“ and clear and a perfect welcome to autumn.” 

4/5 The Guardian

French poet’s essence crystallised in song” 4/5 The Irish Times

“…it lingers on like a vivid dream. MOJO 4/5

Mektig og stort fra Susanna” 5/6 Dagbladet


LIMITED EDITION VINYL: 180 gr clear vinyl

VINYL: 180 gr black 

CD: Digipack with booklet

MC: Cassette tape with clear case and inlay (LIMITED)


Susanna ‘Baudelaire & Piano’ Baudelaire & Piano is an album recorded at Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, a complete solo effort by Susanna – stripped back to her expressive, soulful voice and skeletal, trancelike piano playing. The light touch allows the extraordinary qualities of Baudelaire’s writing to shine through.

Baudelaire & Piano is a quiet revolution that cuts through the noise of our turbulent times. (Rob Young)

Susanna – piano, vocals and whistling

Produced by Deathprod and Susanna

Art by Marjorie Cameron, used with permission from Cameron-Parsons Foundation and OTO Archives.

Layout by Johanna Blom.

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